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Chapter Meeting - February 20, 2019

Date: Wednesday, February 20, 2019
Time: 6:30 PM
Type: Chapter

Location: McKean Tavern, 8968 N Main St, McKean, PA 16426
Directions: McKean Tavern, 8968 N Main St, McKean, PA 16426 (Map)


1, Outdoor Expo at the Bayfront Convention Center, March,1st,2nd,and 3rd.

I will set up Thursday, Feb. 28th at 3:45

All, interested in helping is strongly encouraged to attend this meeting.

We will need two shifts of 3 or 4 people each day, we will talk more on this at the meeting. If anybody knows of any high school kids needing service hours or just wants to help with BB Gun Range please have them contact me. It is important that we maintain some type of schedule this year.

Booth set up will be discussed at meeting.

2, Banquet,

Registrations have been mailed and online registration is up and running.

I will have Banquet Posters, Main Gun Raffle Posters, and Tickets available at the meeting.

We need items for Chinese Auction, and other raffles, anyone with donations can bring to meeting or I can pick up.

I am asking again for wine, trust me, I don’t touch the stuff, now beer is a different story. But I would like to put some wine baskets together for Chinese Auction any bottles you may want to get rid of, we can use.

Dave L. Is Sharon working on Lady’s raffle?

Much more on banquet coming as we get closer.

3, Announcement, We have a brand new Chapter in PA now and it brings a lot of other good news that we will discuss at meeting..

4, I hope to have update on Vets hunt at the meeting to share.